Osmomat auto 3-point-calibration

11/07/2013 - The option 3P (3-point-calibration) has now been realized for the OSMOMAT auto. By this means the requirements of the pharma industry are now fulfilled.

Besides the obligatory zero calibration, the instrument can now be calibrated at two further points. This enables to extend the calibrated range with its excellent linearity considerably.

All OSMOMAT auto units are equipped with this option and it can be selected in the calibration menu.

We are offering the corresponding calibration standards 300 mOsmol/kg, 850 mOsmol/kg and 2000 mOsmol/kg.

 Packaging unitOrder No.
300 mOsmol/kg 10 ampoules à 1ml 30.9.0020
850 mOsmol/kg 10 ampoules à 1ml 30.9.0850
2000 mOsmol/kg 10 ampoules à 1ml 30.9.2000

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